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Browse NS-CSHCN Data

The DRC website provides hands-on, user-friendly access to National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs (NS-CSHCN) data, including conditions and functional limitations, access to quality health care, transition to adulthood and much more. The data query allows users to compare national and state-level findings for children of different ages, race/ethnicity, income levels, health status and health care use. 

The estimates on the DRC data query are weighted to be representative of the non-institutionalized population of children ages 0-17 years nationally. A total of 40,242 surveys were completed nationally for the 2009/10 NS-CSHCN, with at least 750 surveys collected per state.

Depending on your data goals, you can access NS-CSHCN data in a variety of ways.

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